Author: panicpete23

Star Wars Celebration FL Personal Experience.

    By Jedi Knight Panicpete23 This is the first year that I had the experience and pleasure of attending the Star Wars Celebration Festival. I traveled over 1000 miles to the sunny Orlando Florida to be greeted by the biggest convention I have ever been too. There were many… Read More»

New Rebels Season 3 clip

    The newest episode of star wars show, showcases the newest clip for Star Wars Rebels. I have taken a moment to watch it (clip starts at 3:39). The show looks awesome but there was no sign of Kanan and it looks like Ezra has a new hair style… Read More»

New Rogue One trailer

  From Jedi Knight: Panicpete23 It has been Confirmed from ABC that a new trailer (2nd) will be Airing July 15 on its channel. This Trailer will be 3 minutes long which is significantly longer than the original one. THe details are listed below Show: Secrets of the Force Awakens… Read More»