Black Series 3.75″ figures found at GameStop

I recently was at a GameStop and found some very hard to find 3.75″ new Black Series figures.  So keep your eye out at your local GameStop, because they just might have some figures you’re looking for.

I found the following:

#02 Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear

photo 2-2 copy 3

#07 Darth Vader (notice the young Anakin face)

photo 1-2 copy 3

#08 Captain Rex

photo 2-2 copy 2

#10 Jon “Dutch” Vander

photo 1-2 copy 2

#11 Chewbacca

photo 2-2 copy

#12 Clon Commander Wolffe

photo 1-2 copy

#13 Clone Commander Doom

photo 2-2

#14 Imperial Navy Commander

photo 1-2

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