Will Star Wars Rogue One be disappointing?

Do you guys feel the new Star Wars Rogue One will be disappointing?Website. SWnut77 shirts available at:…Join me on Facebook:

Hoshino – Star Wars Fan Film

Published on Nov 1, 2016 The tale of blind Jedi Master Ko Hoshino and her journey to becoming one with the force. HOSHINO FB PAGE:… MAKING OF HOSHINO FEATURE:… Director/Producer/Editor STEPHEN VITALE… Writer/Executive Producer ERIC CARRASCO Co-Executive Producers JOHN SCHICK // MIGUEL JIRON Starring ANNA AKANA as… Read More»

Emilia Clarke joins the cast of the new Han Solo movie

Recently Disney announced that Emilia Clarke will be in the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo standalone movie. Emilia Clarke is best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones and recently starred in Terminator Genisys. The untitled Star Wars Han Solo movie will be released May 25, 2018 directed by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller… Read More»