New The Force Awakens toy line revealed

Star Wars fan site recently revealed a list of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens toys including items that listed 3/4″ figures, vehicles and even new “Micro Machines” sets among others.  This list doesn’t include any specific names of characters that will be coming out, and Hasbro has been very tight lipped about any information about new toys from The Force Awakens. Hasbro has also announced that they will not be revealing any new Episode VII toys at the upcoming New York Toy Fair in in February. also leaked the above picture which appears to show four new figures in the prototype stage.  All four figures appeared in The Force Awakens trailer, and Chewbacca looks a lot like the Black Series Chewbacca that just came out, so the legitimacy of these figures is in question.

What do you guys think?

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