Star Wars Celebration FL Personal Experience.



By Jedi Knight Panicpete23

This is the first year that I had the experience and pleasure of attending the Star Wars Celebration Festival. I traveled over 1000 miles to the sunny Orlando Florida to be greeted by the biggest convention I have ever been too. There were many cool displays to see, like Rey’s Speeder, a full size Wampa, 2 massive Jabba the hutts with a full Jabba’s palace stage, and so much more. There was a big Lego display where it looked like they had Lego engineers building a very large object from the Millenium Falcon. There were alot of other great things to see as well, including panels and lots, and lots of toys.


Day 1
The first day was a rough start due to time zone adjustments and flying in, checking into hotel etc. However, I was able to go to the Disney world booth and get my self a handful of droid factory droids (including my favorite Chopper). I also went to check out the Hasbro booth and was able to purchase the Darth Vader 40th anniversary set that came with a display stand, as well as Luke, Leia, and Obi-wan, unfortunately Han Solo and R2D2 sold out. I was unable to purchase Pilot Luke that day due to the overwhelming demand, and needing a ticket to purchase it. Due to fatigue, I was unable to go to any panels that day.

Day 2
Waking up at 5AM and getting ready, we headed to the convention to what I call, “The day of Lines” There were lines for everything. When we arrived, I was able to grab a ticket to purchase Pilot Luke. After waiting 3 hours in line just to get in, I rushed over to the gift shop to purchase an exclusive “The Last Jedi” Shirt and a celebration shirt. I also picked up a special edition book of the event, a couple plushies for family members, and a few pins (Ahsoka, IG88, Bossk, and another bounty hunter). I then went over to the hasbro booth and purchased my X wing Luke. At this point, I was rather burnt out on spending, and just as I say that, the Last Jedi panel starts (The line started 24 hours in advance and I was unable to attend) and they released the trailer.

I was unable to get a good connection due to the convention center wifi, but I caught a glimpse and was blown away. After this, we were hunting for a collectors panel to attend, (so I could get my first star tots, which is like a pin but just the metal front). The collectors panel we were able to attend was about how internet has played a huge role in how collectors work together and has changed the market. We also, after having alot of work put into it, were able to get our passes for the rebels panel (which I was super excited about)


Day 3
This was a day of filming, and the end of our trip. We started the day by securing our seats in the Rebels panel. One of the big things about this panel is I have never seen Dave Filoni before. From what I can see, he is the most stand up person I have seen. They had the main Phoenix Squadron cast on stage and it was amazing to hear them in their voices from the cartoon. It was then announced that season 4 would be the last season of Rebels and my heart was broken. Throughout this time, Filoni had a shirt that said “Ahsoka Lives?”. They played the trailer and let everyone see what season 4 was about (it was announced that General Thrawns right hand assassin would be voiced by none other than Warrick Davis) and as the lights came up, you could see Filoni with a microphone, but had one minor difference. His shirt now read “Ahsoka Lives!”. This made the crowd, as well as me, go crazy.

As a parting gift from the creator, they granted us a special viewing of Season 4 Episode 1. This was amazing to watch with other fans, as the reactions from the crowd were priceless.
After the panel, we went around and got some footage of the show, including find C3P0 and R2-D2, which I am 99 Percent sure was Anthony Daniels as he had an escort and sounded just like him, and moved like him. We also checked out the 501st area and got some footage there. We then left the show and headed back home.


Final thoughts-
This was the biggest convention I have ever been too. I felt it really was something special and should be experienced by everyone, at least once. The difficult part were the lines that were for everything, Bathroom, Food, Panels, purchases, shipping etc. This can take alot out of a person. I am not the most in shape person, so I found it hard to keep up most days, but this is an experience I will never forget. Between panels, hunting for action figures, and just taking in the scenery, this is a must for any hardcore Star Wars fan.

May the Force be with you!

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