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Sir Christopher Lee passes away at 93

Actor Sir Christopher Lee passed away earlier this morning after suffering from heart and respiratory problems. Star Wars fans will remember him for his role as Count Dooku in both Episode II and Episode III, or also recently as Saruman in the The Lord or the Rings and The Hobbit movies, however Christopher… Read More»

Disney Exclusive Star Wars Build A Droid Figures

In this video I review the Disney exclusive Build a Droid set that are available only at Disney theme parks. SWnut77 shirts available at:…Website. Follow on Facebook:

Original Star Wars Script found by a Librarian

According to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), recently librarian Kristian Brown found an early version of the original Star Wars movie script while going through the science fiction collection at the University of New Brunswick’s library. The Script was dated March 15th, 1976 and was marked as the “fourth draft”. Several… Read More»

Star Wars Troops

One of the best Star Wars fan films out there, Troops came out in 1997 and is a spoof of the show Cops. Website. Join me on Facebook: free music from:

Phoenix Comicon 2015 Recap

Here is my recap over Phoenix Comicon 2015, which is one of the largest comic cons in the the US.SWnut77 shirts available at:…Website. Join me on Facebook: free music from:

Exclusive Jocasta Nu Figure Review

You can order this at: Rex voice work performed by voice actor Jon Bailey:’s Website: is “Mistake the Getaway” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”…  SWnut77 shirts available att: Website.  Join me on Facebook: Twitter: