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Star Wars Furbacca toy review

In this video I review the new Furbacca (Furby Star Wars crossover) toy by Hasbro.Website. Royalty free music by: Kevin MacLeod:…SWnut77 shirts available at:…Join me on Facebook:

Star Wars Exclusive Father’s Day Two Pack Review

Captain Rex voice work performed by voice actor Jon Bailey: Jon’s Website: Music is “Mistake the Getaway” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”… Join me on Facebook: Fan page:… Follow me on Twitter:!/Starwarsnut77 Follow me on Tumblr: My other channels: Gamester81in3D-Reviews in 3D:… Read More»

Gentle Giant new releases for March

PRODUCT: Darth Vader 1:8 Scale Collectors Gallery Statue Price: $159.99 License: Star Wars Item Number: 80627 UPC:  8-14176-02160-4 Dimensions:  H 7” x W 8” x D 8” Release Date:  Q4 2016 Anakin Skywalker was a great Jedi Knight who fought for the Republic before the Dark Times. His descent into… Read More»

Top Star Wars movies ranking

  Here is my list of my least favorite to most favorite Star Wars film. What’s yours?Website. Royalty free music by: Kevin MacLeod:…SWnut77 shirts available at:…Join me on Facebook:

Five more new Star Wars movies after 2020

Currently Disney plans on making five additional movies by the year 2020. Two of them will be trilogy episodes, and the other three will be standalone films.  However word is Disney is planning on making five more additional standalone films after the year 2020 as well. “There are some really… Read More»

Star Wars Humble Bundle 2 info

  The Humble Bundle just released a 2nd Star Wars game bundle.  You can pay what you want and help a good charity as well. The games available include: Star Wars: Rebellion X-Wing Alliance X-Wing VS. Tie Fighter – Balance of Power Star Wars: Galatic Battleground Saga X-Wing Tie-Fighter Knights… Read More»