Another viewpoint of the Last Jedi- Atari Creeps outlook

By Jedi Knight Panicpete23

I went into The Last Jedi with very high hopes. Wishing to feel what I did when I watched Empire Strikes Back. Unfortunately, we must “Let the Past Die”. Which is the hardest thing to do for us die hard fans. This is the review I watched that helped me come to terms that I do not need to hold onto the past anymore. The Last Jedi, although had it’s flaws, was a masterpiece. I rate this very high on my list. Almost top 3, have not decided yet. Go see the movie again if you have only seen it once. Go into it with an open mind. Let the force flow through you, and let the past die and the new age come into you.

May the Force be with you, Always.

Here is my friends review of The Last Jedi, Please note that there is some swearing in this video. Please like and subscribe to him as well.


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