Author: panicpete23

Han Solo Movie Boycott?

  It’s a strange time to be a Star Wars fan. The Last Jedi which came out last year created some extremely polarizing opinions both positive and negative. There has been fan outrage calling out lucasfilm and disney for oversaturating the market and created bad films. I personally think that… Read More»

Thoughts going into the Last Jedi-

    Thoughts going into the Last Jedi By Jedi Knight panicpete23 ***Contains Trailer Spoilers and possible spoilers based on Speculation*** The Last Jedi is approaching us quickly, and I personally am very excited to see it. But there are a few things I am thinking about before going into… Read More»

Star Wars Celebration FL Personal Experience.

    By Jedi Knight Panicpete23 This is the first year that I had the experience and pleasure of attending the Star Wars Celebration Festival. I traveled over 1000 miles to the sunny Orlando Florida to be greeted by the biggest convention I have ever been too. There were many… Read More»