Kanan Jarrus doppleganger?


***Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale spoilers***

After watching Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale, I was at a lost for words. Such an intense episode for a Disney XD show. Eventually, I will re-watch it and put a review up for the series so far, and start reviewing each episode there on out. The character I wish to talk about though, is Kanan Jarrus.

In this episode, we got to see Kanan take a tragic fate, a lightsaber blade to his eyes, blinding him for life (as far as we know) from Darth Maul. After watching this episode, I decided to look for some reviews/recaps so I could swallow everything I watched.


Side Note* Before I go any farther, I must point out one thing. I am not entirely 100% sure of what is canon anymore in the Star Wars universe. All I do know, is that Rebels and Force Awakens are canon.


I ended up at a reddit post through the subreddit Star Wars Rebels titled: Aesthetic similarities between Rahm Kota and Kanan. After digging through my memory, and doing a few google searches, I remember Rahm Kota was the blind Jedi general in the Force Unleashed video game series. Rahm Kota was a Jedi who survived Order 66 and became a general for the newly founded Rebel alliance in the Force Unleashed. He has long hair in a pony tail, a long face, and becomes blind after a lightsaber from Starkiler’s lightsaber.


When you look at the pictures of Kanan and Rahm side by side, they look really similar. The way I see this, is that the age differences between the two characters is way to big for them to be the same person. However, I do believe inspiration for Kanan came directly from Rahm. This is one of those things that really make me smile. The amount of thought put into this is just awesome. What do you think of these two characters? Did reddit figure it out? Or are we all just wrong and get our minds blown when season 3 happens?

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