Mace Windu is not dead per Samuel L Jackson


Mace Windu is not dead per Samuel L Jackson

By: Jedi Knight Panicpete23
Special thanks to Jay from A Galaxy Far Far Away Podcast for posting.

A recent twitter discussion involved Samuel L Jackson discussing what did happen to Mace Windu after he was thrown from Chancellor Palpatines office and having his forearm cut off. The question asked to Samuel was “Who’s Idea was it to kill Mace Windu? Just curious. He’s a great character” – Angelica Ravenstein. Here was his answer.

“He said he killed all these important characters in all these other movies leading up to that, and he said, ‘The only person left to kill that would mean anything in Episode III would be [Windu],'” Jackson explained.

“I was trying to figure out, like, really? Can’t you just injure me or whatever? But in my mind, I’m not dead. Jedis can fall incredibly high distances and not die.”

In the end, it would be really cool to see Mace Windu in Rebels season 3 or even Rogue one. There are rumors of his own spin off film. He really is a great engimatic character and really deserves more spotlight then he was given.


Below is a fan made picture. I have to say, its pretty neat.



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