Petition for Clone Wars Season 7 and 8 created


It came to my attention through a Star Wars Facebook group that there is a petition going around asking for Disney and Lucasfilm to finish the animation for the Clone Wars Season 7 and 8. This is what the petition states verbatim:

“According to Brett Friedman (writer of the Clone Wars), he said that the scripts for season 7 and 8 are finished but not animated yet. If we convince the Disney Chairman to bring back the remaining seasons of the Clone Wars, then Clone Wars will be back!”

There seems to be a fine line on what Disney will work with on Star Wars. They obviously want to make money on it, but I do not know if they will finish it, there are rumors season 7 will be a graphic novel to finish Asajj Ventress story arc.

I signed this petition, and I encourage you to do it if you enjoyed the show as well. This petition has been up for 2 years and has amassed 4,196 supports and needs 45,804. Regardless if this happens or not, it would be cool to try.


To sign the Petition, click the link Here.

The Petition was started by Shahryar Niazi.

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