Possible leak of trailer details for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.


By Jedi Knight Panicpete23
Sourced from Jay Bartlett @ A Galaxy Far Far Away.

There has been rumors about a potential leak on the details for the new episode 8 trailer. There is supposed to be voiceover of Luke talking to Captain Phasma, stating “Everything will die with us”. It is then said that a lightsaber ignites, and you see the blue blade in the reflection of Captain Phasmas chrome armor. It is also said that another voice over (or visual, not sure) has Snoke speaking to Hux. Snoke asks “Is he alive?” and Hux replies “Barely”.


It is also said then Kylo Ren and Rey are not seen in the trailer at all. If you got goosebumps, do not worry, I did too. Its going to be a painful wait for April to see the trailer release at the Star Wars celebration in Florida.


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